Rot Solutions

Your building can suffer from dry rot because of dampness, and we are experts in dealing with damp problems at Bromac.


Dry rot is a type of wood decay caused by a specific species of fungi. It is a serious problem that can cause significant damage to timber structures and pose a risk to the safety of occupants.

If you suspect that your property may be affected by dry rot, it is important to take action and seek professional advice as soon as possible.

With prompt action, you can prevent further damage and put a remediation plan in place.

Our solution

The first step to controlling dry rot is to identify and correct the source of water penetration, for example, repairing leaking roofs or plumbing, drying out masonry, or installing an effective damp-proof course.

We will then remove all the structurally unsound timber and replace it with pressure-impregnated sections. Affected masonry surfaces may also be treated with a fungicidal solution.

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Expert assessment

Expert Assessment

We can perform an initial assessment on your problem and give you feedback on the issue within 48 hours. Express 24-hour service available on request.

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